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PILATES is best known for mat exercises and the reformer machine. There is an emphasis on core strength to develop functional movement patterns throughout the body. There are a variety of reformer exercises suitable for beginners to advanced fitness professionals. The PILATES reformer is a piece of equipment with pulleys and a sliding carriage with springs that have varying degrees of tension. The PILATES reformer is non-weight bearing which makes it easy on the joints and compatible for those recovering from injuries.

Joseph Pilates was the pioneer of PILATES. At the outbreak of World War I, while in a concentration camp, he began to develop the floor exercises that evolved into what we now know as PILATES mat work. As time went by, Joseph Pilates began rehabilitating detainees who were suffering from diseases and injuries. He was inspired to use items that were available to him, like bed springs and beer keg rings, to create resistance exercise equipment for his patients. These were the unlikely beginnings of the equipment that we use today, like the reformer.


• Rehabilitation for injuries 

• Increases core strength

• Improves posture

• Decreases back pain

• Prevents injuries

• Increases energy

• Enhances body awareness

• Improves flexibility

• Boosts immunity

• Improves cognitive functioning

• Enhances sports performance

• Improves balance

• Strengthens your bones

• Boosts mood

• Improves sleep

• Builds long, lean, toned muscles

• Improves mobility

• Reshapes the body

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