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"I began ESSENTRICS® with Julie Mae in 2015. Her enthusiasm and detail to movement is unmatched. As a student of martial arts and high intensity training, Essentrics has complimented my life with rebalancing my body including my fingers and toes. Each session covers the little things that make a big difference in the movement required for fighting competitions and daily training. There is nothing Julie Mae cannot help someone do!” - Avery W., age 31

“Julie Mae's ESSENTRICS classes and PILATES sessions are consistently challenging, effective and fun. She provides precise instructions, with a wide variety of movements which are accessible for nearly everyone. Her modifications, suggestions and laughter make these workouts something to look forward to each week!” - Pam W., age 60


“I LOVE Julie Mae's ESSENTRICS classes and PILATES sessions! She is incredibly experienced, compassionate and listens intently and explains in detail each ESSENTRICS move as not to cause any injury! I get an awesome workout whether it is in person or in the comfort of my own home!! Julie Mae is A-mazing!” - Pam R., age 64


“ESSENTRICS with Julie Mae is what is keeping me feeling mentally and physically fit during an isolating pandemic. Her classes are fun and upbeat and always make me feel better after spending the day in a chair looking at a screen. It’s amazing what Julie Mae can coach you through from afar without any equipment.” - Kate K., 36


“ESSENTRICS and PILATES with Julie Mae has provided me with more flexibility and strength in places I didn’t know I needed it! I’m 52 and looking forward to 'aging backwards'!” - Kris H., age 52  


“I’ve been doing ESSENTRICS and PILATES for a few years now with Julie Mae and I love it! I’ve improved my strength, balance and flexibility. Julie Mae is always a joy to work with. I highly recommend her!” - Karen S., age 44


“I think of Julie Mae as a guiding light in my health and well being. From her classes to her way of connecting individually with you, you feel like you have someone who is really there for you to keep you on track. Julie Mae has a way of inspiring you to try your best in each moment and do more than you think you can... in an affirming way that builds you up, not breaks you down.” - Kate H., age 58


“Since incorporating ESSENTRICS with Julie Mae into my workout routine, I have found not only improved balance, flexibility, toning and strength but a deep appreciation and understanding for taking care of our bodies and injury prevention at any age. Love the care and personal touch Julie Mae offers each of her students.” - Sharon T., age 46

“Julie Mae is a terrific instructor! She’s cheerful and encouraging, and her upbeat attitude is contagious. Her workouts are well planned out and she delivers a steady stream of verbal cues that are super helpful.” - Karen O., age 62

“I have been training with Julie Mae Winter for 5 years now and I still love ESSENTRICS. Her classes are very challenging and fun.  When I first started taking these classes with her, I immediately noticed a difference in my ability to move better. I feel like I can just jump out of bed and go. I have more strength in my arms and my posture is greatly improved. This is a class that any level of expertise can manage and reap huge rewards! I highly recommend ESSENTRICS with Julie Mae.” - Barb V., age 70 

“I can’t say enough about Julie Mae... as an instructor and as a good human! She has gotten this body moving and flexible again after a broken leg and surgery to repair a labral tear in my hip, both in the last year! Her knowledge of the body, her ability to customize a routine at the drop of a hat, her empathy for, and understanding of her students, and her good nature are such a blessing to all of us.  She is the best and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” - Marie B, age 60

“Julie Mae is a very experienced and talented instructor with amazing knowledge about the human body. She is thoughtful and creative. She provides very clear guidelines with her instructions. I have tried many classes with different instructors, and Julie Mae is clearly the best!” - Anna P., age 58

“Julie Mae is awesome! Her workouts help keep my body strong & flexible, and she makes it fun. I look forward to seeing her sunny self after a long day of sitting at my desk. I always feel better after.” - Marlene C., age 60


“ESSENTRICS with Julie Mae has made a difference in my body and mind. I feel leaner and understand how my body responds and changes with different moves and stretches. Every class is different and works on all fitness levels and body types.” - Kimberly H., age 54

““Julie Mae put on an ESSENTRICS segment for a wellness night we hosted for our employees. Some of our staff have sedentary jobs and some hold a position that is very physically taxing. She provided tips and tricks to stay healthy as well as demonstrating different exercises to specifically help their respective positions. She is extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!” -  Karin H., Owner, European Wax Center 

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